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    The new heating and cooling technology of the HELLER MK5 series can minimize the consumption of nitrogen and electricity, saving nitrogen and electricity by up to 40%



    It is a world-class SMT reflow furnace suitable for large-size PCB board and dual track production .
    With the latest technological breakthrough, Heller launched a new mark 5 reflow series, providing customers with a more economical solution. The new heating and cooling technology can minimize the consumption of nitrogen and electricity, saving nitrogen and electricity by up to 40%. Therefore, MK5 series not only has excellent performance, but also is the reflow soldering series with the most economic value in the industry! 

    1.  New "condensation conduit" flux collection maintenance free system   Our new water-cooled "condensing duct" design recycles the flux in the collection bottle, which not only makes it easier to replace and clean, but also realizes online maintenance, thus greatly saving maintenance time. The revolutionary double-layer heat insulation design on the surface of the condensation duct and the internal condensation duct make it have excellent cooling effect. In addition, our new cooling zone furnace design makes the cooling zone furnace free of flux residue, reduces the equipment maintenance time, adds more valuable production time for customers, and ensures the high output of all types of Heller equipment! 

    2.  One step profile software                                                                     
    This software developed and improved by Heller partner KIC company can complete the temperature curve setting immediately by simply inputting the length and width of PCB board. The temperature curve and data displayed by dynamic graphic structure can complete all the remaining things for you! 

    3.  Process control                                                                                             
    The innovative software system developed by ECD company provides three levels of process control, namely reflux furnace CPK, process CPK and product tracking control. This software can ensure the optimization of all parameters, timely report and easy to use .

    4.  Optimized heating module                                                                         
    In addition to the 40% optimized flow of nitrogen in the impeller module, the unbalanced flow of delta can be reduced by 40%! 

    5.Fastest cooling slope                                                                                           
    The new strong cold air cooling module can provide a cooling rate of more than 3 degrees per second, even on ultra thick and ultra large components. This design can meet the most stringent lead-free temperature curve requirements! 

    6.Energy management software - Heller exclusive!                                 
    Heller's exclusive and proprietary energy management software can optimize energy consumption through program setting in different batch production states, such as full load production, half load production and idle equipment

    7.Technical parameter