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    HELLER MK7 series reflow soldering has a number of revolutionary and breakthrough designs The optimized low-height heating module achieves the best temperature uniformity; it can reduce the nitrogen consumption by up to 40%, and the balanced airflow



    1.New Low Height Top Shell :    New low height top shell provides much easier access for operators. All skins have double insulation to save up to 10-15% in energy costs.MK7

    2.Enhanced Low Height Heater Modules :   Enhanced low height heater module provides the lowest Delta Ts on the product with better air flow anduniformity! The Uniform Gas Management system eliminates “net flow” which results in nitrogen consumptionreductions ofup to 40%! New semi-circular heater is more robust and efficient with much longer life time.

    3.Our revolutionary flux collection system traps the flux in collection jars that can be easily removed andreplacedwhile the oven is running— saving time consuming P.M. The new flux filtration box also has no riskof flux clogging for a longer term P.M. interval. Additionally, our proprietary Flux-Free Grill system limits theflux residue on the cooling grills giving the Heller system the highest production yields of any oven!

    4.The new Big Flat Coil Cooling module provides cool rates of >3ºC/sec. That rate meets even the most demanding lead-free profilerequirements. Heller can also easily achieveslow cooling rate required by the flip chip process. Heller’s unique design using a 10-inch (250 mm) long heater module provides more modules within the same heatinglength which means more process control and reduced liquid times.

    5.Heller provides dynamic 3 tiered system (Tier 1: OvenCPK, Tier 2 Process CPK, Tier 3 Product Traceability)enables customer to quickly improve product qualityand yield while reducing costs. And the additionalbenefits of automatic record keeping and recall providecustomers with the peace of mind that all processparameters are under control and within spec.

    6.Proprietary software allows you to program exhaust draw to optimize energy consumption during the various production times — heavy, light or idle.
    Energy savings of up to 10-20% have been realized!

    7.Technical parameter