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Hanwha SM471PLUS Mounter

• High-performance placement machine for New Fly Camera • The world s highest speed in its class of 78,000CPH • Supports various placement production modes with 2 cantilever dual track modes

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KIC SPS Wireless Thermometer

KIC SPS Smart Thermometer is a very good temperature curve data collection system with very high smart performance The hardware uses the best heat-resistant LCP (liquid crystal polymer) as the material design of the shell, which achieves better heat

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HELLER MK5 series

The new heating and cooling technology of the HELLER MK5 series can minimize the consumption of nitrogen and electricity, saving nitrogen and electricity by up to 40%

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HELLER MK7 series

HELLER MK7 series reflow soldering has a number of revolutionary and breakthrough designs The optimized low-height heating module achieves the best temperature uniformity; it can reduce the nitrogen consumption by up to 40%, and the balanced airflow

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HELLER vacuum reflow soldering

HELLER online vacuum reflow soldering multi-temperature zone design, more temperature control points, to meet different process requirements, effectively eliminate voids, the total void area can be controlled below 1%, efficient production capacity

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Six reasons for choosing renen electromechanical We are constantly committed to the advanced equipment and technology of semiconductors and electronics

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Suzhou Rin Eun Technology Co., Ltd. started its new journey in 2021. The company is located in Suzhou, known as the "paradise". After years of development and growth, it has accumulated rich management, production technology and process experience to provide customers with integration New semiconductor packaging and testing imported equipment and materials, and high-end electronics manufacturing related SMT/AI equipment solution integration supplier. The company's agent manufacturing equipment is widely used in: automotive, medical, 3C, aerospace, military, power and other electronic industry applications. High-end technology, excellent quality and professional after-sales service, "Rin Eun Technology" adheres to the business philosophy of innovation and development, high efficiency and professionalism, unity and cooperation, and excellence, and continues to create value for customers.